Psychotherapy Resources Page


On this page you will find videos, interviews, podcasts, webpages and  photographs of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists who have been (or still are) important references in the development of psychotherapy. The idea is that, apart from the more  accessible books and articles,  it may also be important to hear them talk, see them at work, to know who were their mentors and to understand  which historical context they came from. As Paul Wachtel noticed, therapists don't always do what they say they do, so it might be wise to look at what they actually do whenever we can, and internet is providing a growing opportunity to do so. At the same time this website is also an effort to contribute to psychotherapy integration in the sense that it will invite and stimulate to get to know the ideas of therapists that may not readily appear when working within a particular type of psychotherapy.

I hope you enjoy this and would be pleased if you want to give feedback or contribute with resources you discovered that are not listed here:

I'm indebted to many people who contributed with their ideas and reviews (sometimes agreeing, other times disagreeing)